OXY Anti Bacterial Acne Patch Double Action 26’s




  • ANTI-BACTERIALProven by SGS to effectively inhibit acne bacteria and absorb secretion.
  • ULTRA-THINUltra-thin design of 0.03cm is translucent and close to skin colour.
  • WATER PROOF & SWEAT PROOFEnsures the patch will remain in place and creates barrier from our fingers and environment.
  • UV PROTECTIONPrevents exposure to harmful UV rays.
  • SIZE VARIANTSAvailable in 3 sizes to cater to different pimple sizes.
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26 Acne patches

Contains Chlorhexidine Acetate which has anti-bacterial properties to fight pimples. Retains skin optimal moisture, at the same time prevents blemishes. Protect pimples from harmful UV rays.

Direction for use:

1. Cleanse and dry skin thoroughly.
2. Remove acne patch from film and paste it onto pimple.
3. replace with a new patch when (indicating that it has fully absorbed oil secretion), or after 12 hours.
4. Not recommended for use with other ointment or cream as it might affect the adhesiveness of the patch. if necessary, wait until the ointment or cream is fully absorbed.
5. Acne patch should be applied before make up.


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